Color-changing gif of Fitness Fusbox logo

Fuse box – an object with distinct and independent existence which contains the fuses for the electrical system in a building

You (Member) and Gym (Entity) = Stronger Together

FUSEBOX and YOU fused into a single entity = The Best Version Of Yourself



Imagine, a gym where everyone from all walks of life coming

together regardless of your ethnicity, race or political belief. We are all one in this grand universal home, sharing one goal, striving to be the best that we can be, defined by a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. Fitness Fusebox is a community-based box/gym that provides such a safe place for one and all.

Fitness Fusebox is unique in all things you seek.  Be it guidance, encouraging words, exceptional and caring coaches with profound knowledge of your fitness needs. A good gym can change your life – that is our focus and commitment.  You are encouraged to take yourself to the next level.  Our family-oriented and friendly facility is more than just a place to workout. You become part of our community that trains together, encourages one another and achieves personal goals to your highest potential.

Regardless of your goals, be it to get into the best shape of your life, be stronger, obtain optimum health, competitiveness, or surpass your fitness limits, our extensive team of expert coaches at Fitness Fusebox will always be on hand to help you achieve your personal goals.


Our Team

Kristina Pap

Owner & Head Coach

Fernando Villanueva

CrossFit Coach

Daniell Bat-og, personal trainer and kickboxing coach of Fitness Fusebox, stading in front of a wall bearing the Fitness Fusebox logo

Danielle Bat-og

Personal Trainer

& FST Practicioner

Mira Nieles

CrossFit Coach

Emie Ocampo, kickboxing coach of Fitness Fusebox, stading in front of a wall bearing the Fitness Fusebox logo

Emie Ocampo

CrossFit Intro &

Cardio-kickboxing Coach

Hartley Ruch

CrossFit Coach