Training hard day after day is one thing but an active recovery day is what your body would need. Our mobility class was formed for one purpose – to dedicate time to care for your body and promote optimal movement.

Often neglected, mobility is an essential regimen of one’s development in athletics or general fitness. The body is meant to generate optimal mobility and we lose it in time due to on-going injuries and stress on the human body.

The hour-long class is system of a combination of techniques and methods such as dynamic and passive stretching, trigger point work for myofascial release. Tools such as dowels, foam rollers, bands and lacrosse balls are going to be used in class as well. Mobility work can also be preventative maintenance for the body to last log in intense bouts of exercise and reduces the risk of injuries as well.

Benefits of Mobility Class

-          Improve/regain movement quality

-          Move And Feel Better

-          Improve functional range of motion and posture

-          Decrease pain and muscle tension

-          Improve core strength

-          Loose stiffness

-          Improve flexibility and stability

-          Prepare to Perform

They are open to anyone with no experience level required!